Saturday, October 8, 2011

One day full of life…..

It’s very complicated and difficult to define what is living actually if we try to do so with our logics. We feel life very light and smooth when we are happy. In those moments of heartfelt happiness, maybe we are living in true sense.
There is an interesting story on living which goes like this “Once a person was very upset about his problems and used to say “I am not alive” and with these problems my life has become like that of dead person. Most of the time, he never felt like he is living truly. One day he died and after few seconds of death, he suddenly realized that he was alive.” At first this story didn’t get into my mind also. But after some days I just realized following….
 We are all admitted in the school at a very early age and in the school whatever we learn is all for living better life in the future and understand how to live and behave with the people in the society. We spent 10-12 years of our life in school learning these basic skills to understand the world, society and people. Then starts our professional learning in colleges to get basic skills so that we can earn our living and another 5-7 years of life is spent on learning professional skills. Now with all these knowledge and skills we are in the profession (job, business, professional field whatever)….to earn money or living. All over our professional life we work so hard to accumulate or try to accumulate A-Z means of luxury (car, house, property etc.) to make our living better. After 25 to 30 years of professional life, we retire and then we suddenly realize that “Oh all my life I just learned and prepared for better life and now I don’t have enough time to live”. Most part of our life is just spent on these preparations and learning, in the mean time we may be missing to live in true sense.

One day full of life is better than just years of preparation for better living because we keep on missing happy moments of our life.