Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are .. apparently you may say I am  this  and pronounce "your name" with ( further added you have) surname and cast also because you belongs to certain ethnic group. You were given certain name after some days of your birth to make other easier to identify you as there are thousands of others also similar to your gender. Since the beginning of your education you were taught to identify yourself with the full name given to you.Then starts your relationship identifications.You are son/daughter of someone.You are brother/sister of someone.When your social link grows,you are friend of someone and other many relationship identifications keeps goes on.You are someone's beloved when in affair and husband/wife after getting married.Then father/mother of someone.You are in the profession and so you get other identifications...your locality,nationality,religion,political views group on and on the list of your identifications keeps growing....With some identification sometimes you become very proud because you believe these identifications are you and you are these identifications.For some minutes remove all these tags from you and then think............may be there appear blank you with strange answer.Its really mind blowing experience.....


  1. There is also a tag more stronger than all this tags mentioned above and we are more attached to them than any other tags. That is our body because it is so close to us. Beyond all these sheaths there lies the Truth.

    1. When we clearly assimilate nature of the desire and needs of our body and get through it, other strong level appears that is realm of thoughts.When conflicts of thoughts are settled,even the stronger layer of feelings appears and once we are through the layers without tilting neither positive or negative extreme,then for very few seconds we reach to our self without deviation...and most difficult things is to remain there.