Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Destiny and Accomplishment

A water drop in the ocean may be gets bored with its stagnant state or may be wishes to get high and begins to swing with the wind waves and eventually evaporates and takes its flight up above to the sky leaving behind all the comforts. It rolls with the cloud and faces the thunder bolts, travels far away exploring new direction and finally get encountered with coldness and chilliness of  altitude.As it cools down, losses its lightness and falls down on the slopes of  mountains, plain, dense forest …as rain or again as water drops. Sometimes the water drop is caught up in form of snow but it does not likes to remain hard rather melts and flows. Now it loves to rush to low land where it can mix itself with river and flow faster towards its origin. As river it crosses valleys, ranges of mountains and falls down as water fall and sometimes just get lost underground but all its moves and turnings are headed towards somewhere with such dedication and determination that even dams of rock can’t stop it long.Finally the water drop reaches the ocean. Destiny Accomplished.

A small hard stuff like seed of the plant no longer wishes to remain in the shield of its protective layer. It burst out of its secure zone and turn itself into tiny delicate seedlings and peeps out its head from underground darkness. There are thousand and one risks as the tiny and delicate seedlings has to face adverse weather,other many chances of being uprooted and being plugged out but still it opens up itself to get expressed to its total potential. With the passing time tiny hard seed expresses itself into a small plant with few leafs and its stem still fable. It faces chill of winter, heavy rain fall and horrifying storms but keeps on the struggle. Slowly its fable stems gets stronger and green leafs get dense and the seed turns into fully grown, tall and strong plant. With the coming of spring, buds in the plant begins to sprout and it doesn’t stops there finally it widely opens up and blossoms into colorful flowers spreading its sweetness, fragrant and scent all around. Now one small,hard and grounded seed completely expresses self into its full potential turning into free fragrant and replicates into hundreds of similar seeds. Destiny Accomplished.

What about us as human being and finest creation of the nature? 
Peace and Satisfaction is only then and there when we know our true self and express our self up to our full potential.


  1. It faces chill of winter, heavy rain fall and horrifying storms but keeps on the struggle...I just read a very meaningful blog! More power and keep writing.