Monday, June 6, 2011

Dualty,Paradox and Modern Humanity

As we grow and begin to realize self as an answer to the question"Who am I?",we find ourself something different than what we intended to be and the gap between who we are inside and what we are known to all seems somthing two different entity residing with one body.One inside us what we are since eternity may be...something deep inside us ture existence of us and one outside that is shaped by our social envirnment to remain or keep fitted with its architects or aparatus.

Our face(personality) is our social identity which to some extent we refigured to fit in the social circle or getting influenced by the social environment but our outter looks has become something else than what we are inside which we feel but cann't refigure coz thats natural being of us.Deep inside of feeling is the ture YOU which is natural YOU may be eternal YOU and alive/constantly changing YOU.Out in the known world of living the static face shaped by social needs which has become our identity.Our Facevalue is very important for us as we have to fit in the society for survival and we have felt,is feeling and will be feeling that so many times we disregarded,subsided and supressed our ture voices of  us coming from inside.Perhaps thats why the word Freedom has become so pricious.

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