Thursday, June 9, 2011

Body,Mind and Soul

"I am" ,when we say, reflects our understading of our existence. Normally this means our physical existence of biological form or body. If we senes a little deeper our existence is not just the aliveness of the physical body only and we can realise and expalin that "I am" means not just the alive physical body but something within the body and we simply can not describe or distinguish between phycisal or spritual.But when a person is dead the physical body reamins or exists and something slips out  of the body which was sensing its aliveness and saying "I am" when the person was alive.This means is our body a container where resides our soul and mind ?
It is said that our mind is the storehouse of the senses that we recieve from our sense organs in our day to day life and it records(memory),analyze,calculate and give us the logics based on the past experience and it thinks in terms of the past only. It can not analyze in terms of futuer coz it has no records of future.Therefore,our mind must be dependent upon the body and its sense and outer world and environment which is influencing and shaping our mind.Mind and body is our FACE or outer identity.
Finally YOU are the soul.....

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