Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's return to the nature.

You with all your turth existence or innocence is your nature.You don't have to become it,you are already it.You are born natural then layers and layers of conditionng are imposed upon your innocence. Your innocence is like a mirror and conditionning is like layers of dust. The mirror has not to be achived,the mirror is already there or rather, here. The mirror is not lost , it is only hidden behind the layers of dust.
You do not have to follow a path to reach your nature because you connot leave your nature,you cannot go anywhere else. Even if you wanted to, it is imossible.YOU can forget about it you cannot lose it.All that needed is to clean it, to remove those layers of dust.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Conflict within Self, between human and all over the world.

In deep reality of feelings YOU are deep in the subconsious may be at spritual level or YOU are pure imortal soul. It is pure and profound like eternal blue sky above the pieces of moving and unstable clouds.YOU are, as soul ,something super natural having all the beauties and goodness,ever anew,ever joyful and celeberating the existence.YOU are,as a soul,indifferent to the notion of right or worng or inline with the way of the nature.There is peace and tranquility as long as YOU are realizing natural way or adhering the voice coming from YOU inside.
In the same body where YOU are as soul, there is thinking logical mind. It is with this calculative mind humand being developed philosophy,mathematics,science and created huge empire of commodities or won phycial world called civilization with complicated network of systems.And we are lost in this world of machine and concrete.Now everyday we have to modify ourselves to adapt in this concrete jungle and we need the identity for survival.Result of modified behaviour and lifestyle is our identity of FACE and sometimes we find this face quit different that what we are inside.
And then there begins the conflict within self subsequently in relationship between people and the identity clashes spreades all round the world and we see a chaotic world.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Body,Mind and Soul

"I am" ,when we say, reflects our understading of our existence. Normally this means our physical existence of biological form or body. If we senes a little deeper our existence is not just the aliveness of the physical body only and we can realise and expalin that "I am" means not just the alive physical body but something within the body and we simply can not describe or distinguish between phycisal or spritual.But when a person is dead the physical body reamins or exists and something slips out  of the body which was sensing its aliveness and saying "I am" when the person was alive.This means is our body a container where resides our soul and mind ?
It is said that our mind is the storehouse of the senses that we recieve from our sense organs in our day to day life and it records(memory),analyze,calculate and give us the logics based on the past experience and it thinks in terms of the past only. It can not analyze in terms of futuer coz it has no records of future.Therefore,our mind must be dependent upon the body and its sense and outer world and environment which is influencing and shaping our mind.Mind and body is our FACE or outer identity.
Finally YOU are the soul.....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dualty,Paradox and Modern Humanity

As we grow and begin to realize self as an answer to the question"Who am I?",we find ourself something different than what we intended to be and the gap between who we are inside and what we are known to all seems somthing two different entity residing with one body.One inside us what we are since eternity may be...something deep inside us ture existence of us and one outside that is shaped by our social envirnment to remain or keep fitted with its architects or aparatus.

Our face(personality) is our social identity which to some extent we refigured to fit in the social circle or getting influenced by the social environment but our outter looks has become something else than what we are inside which we feel but cann't refigure coz thats natural being of us.Deep inside of feeling is the ture YOU which is natural YOU may be eternal YOU and alive/constantly changing YOU.Out in the known world of living the static face shaped by social needs which has become our identity.Our Facevalue is very important for us as we have to fit in the society for survival and we have felt,is feeling and will be feeling that so many times we disregarded,subsided and supressed our ture voices of  us coming from inside.Perhaps thats why the word Freedom has become so pricious.