Friday, November 11, 2011

Delicate Life

Life not only of you and me but the collective life of all in nature can manifest in any form such as in the form of atomic cell at micro biotic level which we even can’t see directly, in the form of you and me and in the form of huge creatures like Dynasore…whether its plant or insects all living beings which take birth, grow and die are all manifestation of the same source called life. The very sweet taste of sugarcane when processed takes the form of sugar grains and we put it in the tea becomes taste of tea, in candy it’s the taste of candy and in cake its taste of cake which is sweet. Tea, candy and cake are only forms in which we take the taste of sweet and it is basically from sugarcane and sugarcane itself is a form of sweetness.There are numerous examples but you need to be yourself/innocent to feel it and assimilate this profound reality which is impossible to come into being in your understanding as long as you are very cunning and just work through your logic. All nature in totality is life and everything in it including you and me is its expressions. We are not apart and separated from each other but immensely related.