Friday, June 10, 2011

Conflict within Self, between human and all over the world.

In deep reality of feelings YOU are deep in the subconsious may be at spritual level or YOU are pure imortal soul. It is pure and profound like eternal blue sky above the pieces of moving and unstable clouds.YOU are, as soul ,something super natural having all the beauties and goodness,ever anew,ever joyful and celeberating the existence.YOU are,as a soul,indifferent to the notion of right or worng or inline with the way of the nature.There is peace and tranquility as long as YOU are realizing natural way or adhering the voice coming from YOU inside.
In the same body where YOU are as soul, there is thinking logical mind. It is with this calculative mind humand being developed philosophy,mathematics,science and created huge empire of commodities or won phycial world called civilization with complicated network of systems.And we are lost in this world of machine and concrete.Now everyday we have to modify ourselves to adapt in this concrete jungle and we need the identity for survival.Result of modified behaviour and lifestyle is our identity of FACE and sometimes we find this face quit different that what we are inside.
And then there begins the conflict within self subsequently in relationship between people and the identity clashes spreades all round the world and we see a chaotic world.

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