Friday, November 11, 2011

Delicate Life

Life not only of you and me but the collective life of all in nature can manifest in any form such as in the form of atomic cell at micro biotic level which we even can’t see directly, in the form of you and me and in the form of huge creatures like Dynasore…whether its plant or insects all living beings which take birth, grow and die are all manifestation of the same source called life. The very sweet taste of sugarcane when processed takes the form of sugar grains and we put it in the tea becomes taste of tea, in candy it’s the taste of candy and in cake its taste of cake which is sweet. Tea, candy and cake are only forms in which we take the taste of sweet and it is basically from sugarcane and sugarcane itself is a form of sweetness.There are numerous examples but you need to be yourself/innocent to feel it and assimilate this profound reality which is impossible to come into being in your understanding as long as you are very cunning and just work through your logic. All nature in totality is life and everything in it including you and me is its expressions. We are not apart and separated from each other but immensely related.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

One day full of life…..

It’s very complicated and difficult to define what is living actually if we try to do so with our logics. We feel life very light and smooth when we are happy. In those moments of heartfelt happiness, maybe we are living in true sense.
There is an interesting story on living which goes like this “Once a person was very upset about his problems and used to say “I am not alive” and with these problems my life has become like that of dead person. Most of the time, he never felt like he is living truly. One day he died and after few seconds of death, he suddenly realized that he was alive.” At first this story didn’t get into my mind also. But after some days I just realized following….
 We are all admitted in the school at a very early age and in the school whatever we learn is all for living better life in the future and understand how to live and behave with the people in the society. We spent 10-12 years of our life in school learning these basic skills to understand the world, society and people. Then starts our professional learning in colleges to get basic skills so that we can earn our living and another 5-7 years of life is spent on learning professional skills. Now with all these knowledge and skills we are in the profession (job, business, professional field whatever)….to earn money or living. All over our professional life we work so hard to accumulate or try to accumulate A-Z means of luxury (car, house, property etc.) to make our living better. After 25 to 30 years of professional life, we retire and then we suddenly realize that “Oh all my life I just learned and prepared for better life and now I don’t have enough time to live”. Most part of our life is just spent on these preparations and learning, in the mean time we may be missing to live in true sense.

One day full of life is better than just years of preparation for better living because we keep on missing happy moments of our life.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Destiny and Accomplishment

A water drop in the ocean may be gets bored with its stagnant state or may be wishes to get high and begins to swing with the wind waves and eventually evaporates and takes its flight up above to the sky leaving behind all the comforts. It rolls with the cloud and faces the thunder bolts, travels far away exploring new direction and finally get encountered with coldness and chilliness of  altitude.As it cools down, losses its lightness and falls down on the slopes of  mountains, plain, dense forest …as rain or again as water drops. Sometimes the water drop is caught up in form of snow but it does not likes to remain hard rather melts and flows. Now it loves to rush to low land where it can mix itself with river and flow faster towards its origin. As river it crosses valleys, ranges of mountains and falls down as water fall and sometimes just get lost underground but all its moves and turnings are headed towards somewhere with such dedication and determination that even dams of rock can’t stop it long.Finally the water drop reaches the ocean. Destiny Accomplished.

A small hard stuff like seed of the plant no longer wishes to remain in the shield of its protective layer. It burst out of its secure zone and turn itself into tiny delicate seedlings and peeps out its head from underground darkness. There are thousand and one risks as the tiny and delicate seedlings has to face adverse weather,other many chances of being uprooted and being plugged out but still it opens up itself to get expressed to its total potential. With the passing time tiny hard seed expresses itself into a small plant with few leafs and its stem still fable. It faces chill of winter, heavy rain fall and horrifying storms but keeps on the struggle. Slowly its fable stems gets stronger and green leafs get dense and the seed turns into fully grown, tall and strong plant. With the coming of spring, buds in the plant begins to sprout and it doesn’t stops there finally it widely opens up and blossoms into colorful flowers spreading its sweetness, fragrant and scent all around. Now one small,hard and grounded seed completely expresses self into its full potential turning into free fragrant and replicates into hundreds of similar seeds. Destiny Accomplished.

What about us as human being and finest creation of the nature? 
Peace and Satisfaction is only then and there when we know our true self and express our self up to our full potential.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are .. apparently you may say I am  this  and pronounce "your name" with ( further added you have) surname and cast also because you belongs to certain ethnic group. You were given certain name after some days of your birth to make other easier to identify you as there are thousands of others also similar to your gender. Since the beginning of your education you were taught to identify yourself with the full name given to you.Then starts your relationship identifications.You are son/daughter of someone.You are brother/sister of someone.When your social link grows,you are friend of someone and other many relationship identifications keeps goes on.You are someone's beloved when in affair and husband/wife after getting married.Then father/mother of someone.You are in the profession and so you get other identifications...your locality,nationality,religion,political views group on and on the list of your identifications keeps growing....With some identification sometimes you become very proud because you believe these identifications are you and you are these identifications.For some minutes remove all these tags from you and then think............may be there appear blank you with strange answer.Its really mind blowing experience.....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Unique Journey

A strange journey to be yourself.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Running after Dreams....

Once in my dream I saw a small child wondering with very curious eyes. He was so curious because everything he saw was amazing and very new for him. His coming to this earth has been only few years may be 7-8 years and his sensing has just begun to give him feel of his presence on this earth as he was beginning to know the things, people and environment around him.With no memories of past and only unfolding future ahead he was free and happy.All he was seeing and feeling around him were wonderful and they were happening for the first time in his life. With wondering eyes and curious mind, he happens to enter into a beautiful garden and was so happy and curious as if he found a piece of heaven on earth.
The Garden was full of many species of flowers with varied color and scents. There were green tall trees and birds on the branches were dancing and singing. A beautiful pond at a corner was like a meditating peacefully. In the sunny afternoon, he found himself in the wonder land under the blue sky. Now, with curious eyes he looked around and he saw row of followers beautifully arranged in the harmony of colors and he went near to them.His hands automatically reached to  one of the beautiful flower to touch and feel it.But before he could nearly touch it something sharply pinched his soft finger tip and with pain he first time saw the inverted sharp thorn of beautiful rose. May be he learned flowers are not always soft and beautiful. Then he kept on his journey of this garden. Far in the horizon, array of green blurry mountains were just like in the picture of his textbook and sometime he had tried to draw them in his copy with his small hands.
As he was looking at a folk of birds flying over the sky, he saw something small and colorful coming down.His eyes just followed the creature and it slowly landed on a beautiful flower very near to him. In an instant, he rushed towards it but even faster the creature flew up.Though most of the things he was seeing had no name in his dictionary of mind,he came to know that it was a beautiful butterfly with colorful wings .The colorful, playful and delicate butterfly had begun to draw his attention. For sometimes, he thought that the butterfly was not going to come down but unexpectedly it again landed to the next flower and begun to suck the nectar. But this time he did not hurried. He looked at it carefully from the distance of some feet. His eyes were amazed with the beauty of the butterfly its dance and movement. Gradually the desire of catching the butterfly begun to grow in his mind.Then he slowly approached near to flower with utter silence. The butterfly was unaware of his move.Now he was in very short distance. In that closer look he found the butterfly even more attractive and he moved his hands slowly but the butterfly sensed the move and flew away. As it was flying,his eyes followed and he ran after it. His eyes were so fixed upon the butterfly that he even did not care where he was running and thorns were scratching his skin but he was not feeling even the pain. Despite of his effort to track it, the butterfly just disappeared somewhere in the garden. By this time his desire of catching the butterfly hand become so strong that he was determined to track and have the beautiful butterfly. He searched flower by flower in every corner of the garden. For hours he kept on searching. If he had been at home, would have already had lunch by that time of the day but today, in the garden with the passion of catching the butterfly, he had forgotten even the hunger and pain on his small legs. He was sweating but his search was going on. Even after hours of search, he was clueless that where the butterfly might be and there were no sign of it. Then he sat down on the ground feeling little tired. Slowly, he was being hopeless and thinking about giving up this search.All of a sudden, the butterfly landed very near to him in the distance not even feet away on the green grass of the ground. He was so happy and surprised to see his fading hope becoming the truth. This time he was so sure of catching the butterfly and was ready to take all percussion not to distract it. He slowly crawled on the ground with silence and approached very near to the butterfly then moved his hand towards it shaping his fingers likewise. Now, flicking wings were in between his fingers and up to this moment may be butterfly was unaware. He was holding his breath to catch it but he could not hold it long enough and within the blink of his eyes the butterfly flew up again and for seconds hover around his head and landed on the tree branch. He quickly stood up. The butterfly flew away in the sky and disappeared in the darkening evening giving no chance of following .As the darkness of evening was spreading, he remembered his home. Up to this time, he had forgotten his home, parents, thirst and all the pain. Now with hopeless eyes he found himself alone, tired and hungry and then moved his steps slowly to return back to his sweet home.
That day in the garden the child experienced and learnt the lesson for rest of his life.
...............Wake up Wake up....Sometimes feel I am still dreaming.... 
Child: - Every one of us.
Garden: - This World
Butterfly: - Unlimited Desires

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Famous Quotes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not
in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”

~ Marcel Proust

“There is but one cause of failure and that is
a man’s lack of faith in his true self.”

~ William James

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”
-Mark Twain

Power lies not in being right, but in being real.
As is evident in these examples, this process kind of involves two steps:
  1. Knowing yourself, and then,
  2. Choosing to be yourself.
Knowing yourself revolves around building a deeper understanding of our tendencies to hide behind various masks and being willing to examine them.Being yourself eventually shifts us away from the inner emotional turmoil and towards feeling lighter, liberated and happy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's return to the nature.

You with all your turth existence or innocence is your nature.You don't have to become it,you are already it.You are born natural then layers and layers of conditionng are imposed upon your innocence. Your innocence is like a mirror and conditionning is like layers of dust. The mirror has not to be achived,the mirror is already there or rather, here. The mirror is not lost , it is only hidden behind the layers of dust.
You do not have to follow a path to reach your nature because you connot leave your nature,you cannot go anywhere else. Even if you wanted to, it is imossible.YOU can forget about it you cannot lose it.All that needed is to clean it, to remove those layers of dust.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Conflict within Self, between human and all over the world.

In deep reality of feelings YOU are deep in the subconsious may be at spritual level or YOU are pure imortal soul. It is pure and profound like eternal blue sky above the pieces of moving and unstable clouds.YOU are, as soul ,something super natural having all the beauties and goodness,ever anew,ever joyful and celeberating the existence.YOU are,as a soul,indifferent to the notion of right or worng or inline with the way of the nature.There is peace and tranquility as long as YOU are realizing natural way or adhering the voice coming from YOU inside.
In the same body where YOU are as soul, there is thinking logical mind. It is with this calculative mind humand being developed philosophy,mathematics,science and created huge empire of commodities or won phycial world called civilization with complicated network of systems.And we are lost in this world of machine and concrete.Now everyday we have to modify ourselves to adapt in this concrete jungle and we need the identity for survival.Result of modified behaviour and lifestyle is our identity of FACE and sometimes we find this face quit different that what we are inside.
And then there begins the conflict within self subsequently in relationship between people and the identity clashes spreades all round the world and we see a chaotic world.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Body,Mind and Soul

"I am" ,when we say, reflects our understading of our existence. Normally this means our physical existence of biological form or body. If we senes a little deeper our existence is not just the aliveness of the physical body only and we can realise and expalin that "I am" means not just the alive physical body but something within the body and we simply can not describe or distinguish between phycisal or spritual.But when a person is dead the physical body reamins or exists and something slips out  of the body which was sensing its aliveness and saying "I am" when the person was alive.This means is our body a container where resides our soul and mind ?
It is said that our mind is the storehouse of the senses that we recieve from our sense organs in our day to day life and it records(memory),analyze,calculate and give us the logics based on the past experience and it thinks in terms of the past only. It can not analyze in terms of futuer coz it has no records of future.Therefore,our mind must be dependent upon the body and its sense and outer world and environment which is influencing and shaping our mind.Mind and body is our FACE or outer identity.
Finally YOU are the soul.....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dualty,Paradox and Modern Humanity

As we grow and begin to realize self as an answer to the question"Who am I?",we find ourself something different than what we intended to be and the gap between who we are inside and what we are known to all seems somthing two different entity residing with one body.One inside us what we are since eternity may be...something deep inside us ture existence of us and one outside that is shaped by our social envirnment to remain or keep fitted with its architects or aparatus.

Our face(personality) is our social identity which to some extent we refigured to fit in the social circle or getting influenced by the social environment but our outter looks has become something else than what we are inside which we feel but cann't refigure coz thats natural being of us.Deep inside of feeling is the ture YOU which is natural YOU may be eternal YOU and alive/constantly changing YOU.Out in the known world of living the static face shaped by social needs which has become our identity.Our Facevalue is very important for us as we have to fit in the society for survival and we have felt,is feeling and will be feeling that so many times we disregarded,subsided and supressed our ture voices of  us coming from inside.Perhaps thats why the word Freedom has become so pricious.